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CTRL+F 'Okay. I mentioned this in the comments of another post several days ago: my girlfriend of the last year broke up with me recently. I've been preparing and sketching out a massive post, analyzing the reason she lost attraction with me to this point, what other factors contributed, etc. But just now, just this very moment, I had a realization: it doesn't fucking matter. Any of you familiar with my past writing here know that I analyze everything. I'm good at it, and I enjoy it. But there comes a point where sitting around thinking about how Attitude A, Behaviour B, and Subtext C all led to Situation D isn't useful - it's just sitting around, dwelling in the past. After having this realization, I had another: I'm really fucking pissed. That's why this is tagged as a 'Rant'. Because I'm pissed. You know why? When I met this girl, she was a lay. Plain and simple. Maybe a plate if she played her cards right. See, I'd broken things off with a previous LTR a few months prior, and I was enjoying the single life. But this girl wasn't your run of the mill cumdumpster, and she made me wait for sex, while at the same time being the sweetest, brightest most charming girl I'd met in a long time. I was moving into a new place: she showed up and cleaned the whole damn house for me. I was busy: she bought groceries and cooked a meal for me. She brought her girl game, and I ate it up. And when the time for sex came, she begged me to use her the way I wanted to. We just fucking clicked. Through the whole year we were together, this was how it was. And I'm not an eternal player, I'm not content to think of my future without a good woman and children in it someday, so this girl pushed all the right buttons for me. And you know what I did? I took care of her. When she woke up terrified in the middle of the night by nightmares from her traumatic childhood, I held her and drove away her fears. When she was feeling insecure about why a man like me would want a girl like her to stick around, I gave her unadulterated Red Pill truths about what men want from women. When she would shit test me, I would give her what she needed: an ironclad frame she could count on, never caving in the slightest. I was her rock every day. I was insurmountable in my power, every single goddamn time she needed to be sure I was really strong enough. When we fucked, I was a depraved barbarian, wringing her out while she begged for more, until she could barely move. She gave herself to me, and I accepted her as mine with strength, with lust, with affection. And she's blind enough to reality that she just walks away from this? For some false sense of "equality?" FUCK. THAT. SHIT. I have no need to analyze. I have no need to dwell in the past. I will move forward. I still wake up before the sun. I still rip the weights from the rack and shove them through the air. I still feast on the bounties of my own labors. I still triumph over all the hard knocks life throws my way. I will move forward. I will become stronger. More powerful. More successful. More triumphant. I will never surrender, and I will never look back when I should be looking in front of me. Be prepared, world. I'm coming for you. Try to stop me if you want, it can't be done. I will move forward.'

Was not disappoint.

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