Help making sense of test results?

There are different types of diabetes, and age, weight and heredity are possible indicators but not guarantees of any particular type. Does your family have autoimmune Type 1 diabetes or insulin resistant Type 2, or something else. Weight can be an indicator of Type 2 but 5 lbs is not much for most people, though Asians, for example may be prone to diabetes at weight that are lower than other people — but then again there are people of healthy weight and athletic who say they are Type 2; not the common scenario but not impossible. As far as Type 1, there are 5 tests for autoantibodies, and also there is a C-peptide test that can show whether you peoduce more or less than average amounts of insulin. 5.6% is on the higher side of averages. And so some portion of people with early signs of diabetes can be considered at that point —. It there is variation between individuals, for reasons like some people’s blood cells last 4 months and some people’s blood cells last closer to 3 — th linger the life of the blood cells + the more glucose in the blood over that time will lean toward the higher side of average, others are down toward 4.3% which is toward the lower side of the averages. Both are relatively healthy, when compared to a lot of us who were diagnosed at 13 or 14% or who run higher on average above 7%.

If you have autoimmunity you can probably test for that — not usually free and doctor’s might be apprehensive about running the tests if you are near normal. Type 2 can often be controlled by diet and exercise. Other kinds are less likely but could be from genetic MODY, or other conditions or medications like PCOS or steroids or certain psychological meds.

Your symptoms may or may not be related to diabetes. We can’t tell you. The best thing would be for you to monitor your own blood sugars if you want to know. Perhaps you can buy your own glucometer and test strips and use them several times per day for a week to see what your before and after glucose levels are. We can’t diagnose you — a doctor can. Not all doctors are so smart, sorry. But time will tell with testing. In the mean time, eat real, nutritious food and use your body like it was physically meant to be used, tru not to stress a lot and enjoy your life.

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