Help me build my first boros deck

One thing I have found with creature focused decks like in Boros Aggro, Selesnya Tokens, that sort of thing, is that the biggest hindrance to the deck's consistency is removal - which I hate. It kind of goes from having answers to stop your opponent's from out pacing you to instead a focus on maintaining a lead no matter what.

When I gander at your deck I see far less card draw and ramp than I am personally comfortable with, and far more removal than I would run in a deck such as this.

Here's some swaps I would make just at a glance:

Goblin War Drums - > Archetype of Aggression

Brave the Sands - > Angelic Field Marshal

Return to Dust - > Duergar Hedge-Mage

You don't have to make these changes of course, they're just ideas that come to mind. I would though consider removing... just about all your removal - ideally I'd have... five? I'd take five. More universal the better too. Generous Gift, Chaos Warp, Oblation, Austere Command, and Cleansing Nova might be good choices depending on how much your playgroup could abuse Oblation's card draw (doubles as card-draw for you though).

If you do make those cuts you should have a little room to add some more creatures, with the swaps I recommended that will give you an extra 7 or 8 creatures. Even still I'd try and remove just about anything that isn't giving you either a creature, card draw, or mana ramp unless it's absolutely breathtakingly strong; not talking like Lightning Greaves and that sort though, I'm thinking about things more like Cathars' Crusade. You know your playgroup best though so do what you think is right, worst case scenario you will just need to make some tweaks after your first game.

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