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I have a story for you. I call it a story because as much as you would want to believe... You will try to find a way to talk yourself out of it. ~~But what I'm about to tell you is 100% true (since no proof is being given at this time I can't claim 100% truth) and is the entire bases of my theory's and hunt. To start you off I had made a post a few weeks back about what I believe is a confirmation of doing the story mode wrong. I'm recapping on this because within the same tract verse (4v4) is what I know to be the confirmation that you have done it right. "...The peach tree talks and the apple tree talks, you hear them and you know. You do not hear them and you know you are a doubter and an Unsaveable." My Story It's late 2013 and I had just Pre-bought GTAV for PS3 and a Video Capture Card. Once my download completed of the game I went on to stream my play-through for 36 striate hours(with bathroom breaks) to a small crowd of rotating viewers. Around 15 hours in is when I came across the Mural on Mt.Chiliad and like all of us here I was hooked. After reading the old saying "Come Back When Your Story is Complete" I rushed through the story as fast as I could so that I may claim my prize... I raced to the top and... Nothing :( After having a look around and a talk with my viewers we looked north to P-bay and decided that maybe the mystery was under water. Well there was something there after all. After being the 1st to find the underwater UFO and have played the game for 36 hours I ended my stream and went to bed... due to the early copy's that were sold of the game I was not the 1st to find this... Only after the official date Now I continued my search for the mystery and even became the 1st to find all 8 body's in the infinite 8 killer mystery around Sept. of 2013. Now the Find Somewhere between finding the underwater UFO and finding the body's I began to hear talking underwater. It was faint none-sense speak, but you could tell it was someone talking. At the time I had no idea what it was or what I had. It was so subtle that I just wrote it off as a sound fx everyone hears while in the Sub. Now around this time the Mystery Vid Boom was taking place and everyone was posting everything. In the middle of this I was showing the voices to some stream viewers only to have them tell me someone else had found the voices as well and they linked a video that I never got around to watching... until GTAV on PS4 That video is a hoax and nowhere near what I was hearing, but I bought in to this as well as the Jetpack hoax vid... you know the "Hey Internet I Won!" yea that A Hole. And so I quit hunting. Fast forward to the PS4 Release... I stream again, I become the 1st to finish the story, I become the 1st to 100% the game, I become the 1st to see the new UFO effect at FortZ... and I start talking about the voices I use to hear back in the day. And just like last time someone links the vid in the boat and this time I watched it... I told everyone "Oh crap, that was not what I was hearing..." This was because the voices I was getting wear in the Submarine. At this time I was doing the Epsilon mission of wearing the rob for 10 days and then Mike said something that woke me up "Wont these Trees Shut Up! They're not making any since, it's just talk..." And that was it. I knew exactly what he was talking about and I took to the Epsilon Tract to start translating. Tract 4v4 "... The peach tree talks and the apple tree talks, you hear them and you know. You do not hear them and you know you are a doubter and an Unsaveable." You see hear mix with what I knew of the voices this became my starting point for understanding the tract. Here is where the Peach and the Apple lie together. After establishing this theory I went on to read more. So in all when you hear the voices in the Sub, then you'll know you've done it right. If any claim to have solved the mystery and they don't hear these voices then you know they are wrong. Tract 4v6 "The cactus only grows from sand. Sand makes an earth partner, for from sand comes glass that forms the pitcher of truth from the lake that holds a cutting from the peach tree..." I took this to read as the Submarine(Cutting from the Peach Tree) at Trevor's airfield (Sand makes Glass or Sandy Shores make Meth) and since this can only be placed there by a choice in the story line I had remembered that it was the same choice I made back in the day... Then this lead me to the X's and to believe in the Epsilon tract. You see not all the answer are in the tract, but it is the best companion to aid you in the right way. So That's it for my Story guys. Ill be posting more soon and yes this story will be in a video soon. Good luck and happy hunting. Kifflom! Edit Notes: When I heard the voices I did not have 100% of the game I killed Trevor And yes somehow I hit the mystery lottory back in the day and have been retracing step and matching them to the tract

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