Help me see the fun side in pregnancy

My first pregnancy was awesome. Loved it, hardly any nausea and my biggest problem was later when I got bad heartburn and some sciatica.

I thought my second would be easy breezy but shiiit was I wrong.

I'm currently 34 weeks, and I'm STILL on nausea meds. I have heartburn meds. I took steroids for an insane PUPPS rash that wouldn't leave my thighs. I take low dose aspirin for preventative BP issues from my first. I can't sleep at night and melatonin doesn't work. I constantly have the feeling of needing to pee even when I just did.

Once you are in the second trimester, it definitely eases up for a little while. The nausea may stay for a bit longer and if it's bad, I definitely recommend asking your OB for meds. I'm on Diclegis and it helps so much.

Just here to say that each one is so different and I know that now. Mine have been night and day different and I'm so scared for a third if it's like this one. I will say it does come in waves so it will not always suck and it won't always be roses. I have great days with tons of energy and no pain and I have days with shooting pains in my uterus and hips where I can't get up for water.

Not at all trying to scare you! Like they say, you forget how bad it is after a while with the baby. I look forward to that lol. Good luck! You've got this!

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