[HELP ME FIND A GAME] - October 25, 2019 - Get Your Gacha Game Recommendations Here

Im currently playing Epic Seven, id like to play a portrait game kinda like Brave Frontier, and i cant decide between grand summoner and GBF, some said Grand Summoner has been going down, and that GBF is more better, i really like the massive boss raids of GBF but i know GS has a good coop too. My question here: which one is better in ur opinion, and also more enjoyable as a side game? Btw has sidegame i dont mean i open the game like one time in two/three days, but more time in the same day, i just dont nerd like i do on epic seven. I tried to ask the same question on the subreddits of both the games, and everyone said the same about their game: "You can play it as sidegame but if you want more u need to grind, but grind isnt fundamental", i still cant decide so i ask here hoping for some help

(sorry for my shitty english)

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