[HELP ME FIND A GAME] - December 19, 2019 - Get Your Gacha Game Recommendations Here

I'm looking for a game to play beside AL. Already tried Mirage Memorial, King's Raid, both version of Girls X Battle, GBF and Sinoalice.

I kinda like KR but it required grinding a lot to get good gear and the game drained my battery so fast so if I grind I can't do anything else with my phone. KR is also kinda p2w. I don't like mirage memorial and girls x battle because of vip system, tons of servers and bad translation. I tried gbf but there's something off with the gameplay that made me quit after the tutorial for battle. Might try it again later. Dropped sinoalice because of language barrier and I don't like the gameplay.

I don't mind chibis as long as it's not 3D. I don't like 3D in general. I don't like the old anime art style like in Langrisser.

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