Help me save this boys arm! I love the drawing but his arm looks horribly off.. Any tipps??

It’s actually the arm on the right (viewer’s right) which looks a bit off. The positioning is physically impossible. You have it drawn so the back of the wrist faces the viewer, with the hand then turned at an impossible angle.

Try to assume this position right now. Extend your right arm outwards in front of you (don’t raise it, just put it straight out in front of you). Bring your left hand up quickly and naturally and grasp your right elbow. Now don’t move.

Check your left arm/hand. If the back of your wrist is facing away from you, that’s the correct position. But notice that your hand should have the thumb facing outwards (to your left) and fingers facing inwards wrapped around the arm.

In your drawing you’ve flipped the hand.

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