Help me to get through to my son?

Gender therapists are not a rubber stamp. They are there to figure out whether this is some sort of fantasy, delusion, phase, or manifestation of teenage angst. Now if your kid is adamant about needing hormones RIGHT NOW, then the therapist is very likely to investigate more deeply into whether this is something other than gender dsyphoria (the clinical diagnosis for being transgender) just to be sure. Hormones are serious business and therapists are extremely conscious of that fact.

So you do need to talk and explain that the therapist is going to decide things, not you when it comes to hormone therapy (if it comes to that) You also need to really come to terms with the idea that it may actually go that way. The double edged sword of the internet is that while this information is out there and helps many people, there are a lot of kids playing webmd on themselves and trying to equate regular teenage social anxiety with something like gender dysphoria.

Another thing: don't equate gender therapist with being biased. They are no more biased toward giving out hormone therapy than a cardiologist is to doing triple bypass surgeries. They just happen to specialize in gender issues, and really are the best people to talk to. Going to a general shrink for something like this is akin to going to your primary care physician with a specific question about a cancerous looking lump that showed up on the side of your head. Sure they might know a bit, but you're going to be headed to a specialist. When it comes to head shrinkers you can go to the specialist from the start and get the best opinion immediately.

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