help me think: what is the point of putting effort into desktop FOSS if we are so tied to internet monopolies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook?

What do you care about?

Why do you value "FOSS"? Is it for user freedom and privacy? User control instead of corporate control? Do you feel "FOSS" is technically superior? rms on freedom vs "open source". When we acquiesce to them, when we use their services, we give our power to them.

If google's data mining bothers you, you are free to delete your account, or at least to log out of youtube and search. Of course they encourage and signpost ways of doing things that benefit them. They are free to say "Sign In!" and we are free to use private browsing (at least for now)

I use none of the above (bar YT with cookies turned off). Nothing's changed except that I don't feel bad every time I feed the beast. I used Amazon for everything including groceries. After a month cold turkey I went from "how can I live without Amazon" to forgetting it even exists.

Nobody needs IoT devices. One choice is to give Amazon/Google a permanent listening device linked to secret servers so that a robotic voice tells you the weather. Another choice is to check a weather app/website or look out the window.

Of course in the corporate media "the world is increasingly being dominated by IoT" but in my bedroom that's my choice. I say no.

/r/degoogle /r/privacy Excellent podcast and book about internet privacy.

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