Help me work this out. Partner has 2 daughters to 2 different mums. The story is complicated but I really need some advice. Please.

I’ve apparently been so out of order that when my mum died, none of my partners family came to the funeral when I asked them to. I have never done anything except be in their granddaughters/nieces life when they were not able to be. I knew it would be hard but this is why we waited. It was clear as day that his family and bio mum wouldn’t not budge on apologies or making up. If I had decided to wait longer we would have had to break up because it took 6 years for progress to happen. I can understand how it could be difficult to see a girl you’ve known a while be the stepmum to your granddaughter/niece when you are being denied a relationship. It broke my heart but there was all kinds of behaviour on their part that helped me make the decision I made. One example is when I got to work one day, partner mum and sister cornered me in the back office and shut the door questioning me about SD2, Dad and Bio mum. I felt so uncomfortable. They clearly weren’t interested in anything to with reconciliation, it was all drama, gossip and stubbornness.

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