[Help] My dog is terrified of us cutting her claws and it’s becoming a problem.

I had a similar issue with my 12 yo Chihuahua, I tried many different things over the years but what finally worked is tiring him out, then slowly desensitizing him

It's very time consuming but it eventually works

I have him stand on a sink counter, I lift and hold one paw, and keep holding it until he stops trying to pull it away. Then I start tapping the clipper against his paw, and keep doing that until he stops trying to pull it away. That will lead to being able to cut one nail, and it may just be the very end of the nail to be safe

Depending on the reaction to cutting the first nail, you may want to stop, cheer and congratulate the pup and give him a treat

The next day you do the same thing. Over time the process goes quicker and you'll be able to cut all the nails at once

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