Help! My girlfriend turns into a horribly emotionally abusive person once a month. Do you guys mean everything you say when you're in that time period?

Thank you for your reply. <3 We are both women btw. So I get periods etc. We don't live together (she wanted to at one point then that month hit and she changed her mind. I'd love to.)

She isn't having early menopause. I do think her mental illness also makes her question everything about the relationship but she also won't admit that could be related. It's good to hear it's not necessarily true, because she makes sure to say the opposite over and over. I just don't get it, how she can be so sweet and loving then say THAT is all a lie every month. I wish she'd get help but admitting the problem won't happen so long as she blames me for literally everything in her life. She also just refuses to admit it's hormones or anything other than the truth. So every month I live in fear of saying the wrong thing and her breaking up with me. Which sucks. She's also WAY WORSE on her own, that's when her thoughts spin out of control . She has said before, that I make her feel better and calm her down. But I can't always do that, sometimes I get sad or in a bad mood for a day or whatever. But when I can see her it always gets better. It's her going off and saying I don't want to see you at all and then not that actually exacerbates it. Though I still give her space. It's so hard.

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