Help, I think my husband was raised by a narcissist and it’s triggering postpartum anxiety

I agree, he has always placed her very loud feelings ahead of mine - or rather his desire to avoid upsetting her over my need for healthy boundaries. His response has always been to just avoid, avoid, avoid. He did surprise me a few months ago though, when we were telling her about our exciting first date night plans away from the baby - and his mother cried because my parents would be watching her. He rolled his eyes when she said ‘that makes me sad’ with a shaking tearful voice. He got annoyed and said ‘why? There is no reason to be sad about that.’ When a few years ago he would have probably consoled her with the promise of her getting to babysit on her next visit. I will definitely have a chat with him about taking a break and him taking the lead on setting boundaries, marriage counselling might be needed to help us through it.

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