Help needed.

Hello! It’s my first time being an SB and (I thought) my luck has been good so far. Chatted with a couple potential SDs, but found one that really clicked with me and so we’ve been seeing each other consistently for a good 7 months so far. So far so good- he’s naturally a sweet guy, rather humble, just wants some company imo.

Something rather off happened the last time we met, and I’ve been thinking about how to approach the situation ever since. We are both into BDSM and so it was my turn to be blindfolded and tied up (we usually take turns to do so). I clearly remember his phone being charged on the bedside table (that was just an arm’s reach away from the bed). However, we played around and took off my blindfold, I noticed his phone was gone. My first immediate thought was whether he was filming me. I tried to play it cool and asked what song he was playing in the background (he was playing music using his phone)- to which he gave a reallyyy vague answer and said he’d check the name of the song later. To add on my suspicion, after we finished, I went to the bathroom first to wash up. I left the bathroom door open initially (which gave a full view of the bedroom) but he came to close the door for no apparently reason? And of course, after washing up and returning to the bedroom- there his phone was, back on the bedside table.

I would like to approach this topic with him but I am rather afraid of what he’ll do as a reaction? How can I approach this safely and calmly? To ask if I could check his phone? Please help :”)

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