[help] Please help me figure out why my dog freaks out over shoes with high heels.

It could be the noise, but it might just be a weird thing your dog is opposed to for no reason whatsoever. I had a dog that was terrified of mylar balloons - no idea why. I had actually gotten her very young (just six weeks), so there really wasn’t much chance that she had been emotionally scarred by a balloon. It didn’t have to be a bunch of them, they didn’t even need to be filled with helium. I once got a mini mylar balloon (about five inches tall) on a stick for Valentine’s Day - my dog flipped out like monster had been brought into the house.

Since heels are more prevalent than mylar balloons, you can do training to desensitized your dog to heels. In my case, I just banned all balloon from the house. :)

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