Help the Press fill your needs

Hi Nathan, Im glad you are engaging the community like this. I hope you keep it up. Local papers are an important institution and, while many have fallen on hard times, getting feedback is a good way to remain that way.

To your questions;

1) I use the the press website for local news. There are some email lists Im on for events, but primarily your website.

2) I dont know if they are being overlooked, or I have niche interests. The problems at NESCC downtown havent gotten any coverage, which kinda surprises me. The same with some of the transient population downtown, but I guess most people know about that so it doesnt need too much coverage. For some of the good things; JCPL is doing a lot of great stuff that isnt getting much attention in the paper (though the News and Neighbor has done a good job covering some of the changes there). Just a few thoughts off the top of my head.

3) It depends on the topic. I do like analytical pieces, and some of your op-ed bits fill that need. I wouldnt mind seeing more long-form investigative reporting too, but Im sure the funding for staff time for such projects is limited. For some stories bare-bones is nice, especially when its breaking and all the facts arent in. I guess the short version would be; please dont focus on one to the exclusion of the other, maintain a balance.

4) Not much really. I like to know where something happened (your inclusion of maps online has helped with that) and some pictures help to visualize certain things (where the flooding occurred this past spring/summer, and how bad it was for example).

5) I subscribe to several of the types of outlets you mentioned. Some news websites (mostly work-news related) that Ill read at work. I am on several email lists for events and the farmers market. I use podcasts for sporting news (soccer coverage around here is...lacking) and some entertainment (the Nerdest podcast is hilarious and enlightening) one my way to and from work. For video I subscribe to a lot of youtube channels covering anything from video-games, to cooking, to national/international news.

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