[Help] I probably have to give my Dog away, i am in shambles and i don't know what to do.

He's possibly trying to escape because he's understimulated. Just letting him out in the yard to run isn't always enough - huskys are very smart, and they need to be challenged. He needs time dedicated to training, and you need to work on tiring him out mentally not just physically. Here's a thread about a year old that discusses several different ways of achieving this. They might not all be applicable to your dog, but look through them and see what is possible and what you'll have time for. Otherwise, rehoming him is not a bad idea, and if it's what's best for the dog then that's okay, it doesn't make you a monster or bad person.

A shock collar seems unnecessary, and an absolutely last resort - not to mention, many dogs that escape frequently can get used to the shock and realize that it stops if they get past a certain distance, so it doesn't necessarily deter them from escaping but encourages them to do the actual escape process faster.

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