[Help] Puppy Almost 3 Months - Cryptorchidism

Mine was cryptorchid at pickup (12 weeks) with reassurance that they would likely descend. Vet could not palpate them at any appointments. Nearly 7.5 months old now, and they never did descend.

It's certainly another variable to consider when planning what age to neuter. My vet advised me not to wait too long because they're "cooking in there." I was also shooting for neutering around one year. My thought process is they're still functioning (adolescence is in full swing) so I will stick with the plan of neutering around maturity. Cryptorchidism increases testicular cancer rates significantly, but is primarily a concern in older age. The risk is eliminated with surgery, and I feel comfortable letting them stick around for a year.

It will be a more complex procedure, and as a surgical nurse I don't like the extra risk either. More complexity and time under anesthesia increases risk of complications. That said, it is part of their training and should be done at some point regardless to eliminate testicular CA risk. I plan to treat him as a spay, scheduling the procedure when I have extra time to help him recover from abdominal surgery. I was quoted an additional $100ish for the cryptorchidism.

Here is a link detailing the difference between routine and cryptorchid neuters (warning: images of surgery). And more info on cryptorchidism.

Side note, if your pup ends up as a unilateral or bilateral cryptorchid, let your breeder know. It seems to be genetically influenced based on the second link above, and they should be aware of any health issue affecting their lines.

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