Help to make PVE/PVP lineup with this. So confuse.

Did you like win this account? It’s at least vip 12 and it’s very all over, you have way to many project heroes going on and don’t seem to have great knowledge of the game asking for some basic advice. PvP: transmo/lock/Carrie/rogan/tix/amen imo. As for regress queen/sig/flora/unimax/nakia/e2 Aida can all really go. Not sure what’s up with a second 9 star aspen he’s basically just swap material at this point. Nakia can be useful until ith is done in combination with the delacium. I’m going to assume you have sl20 light and forest done which means you should definitely regress Garuda imprint and probably Russell as well but Russ can help in aspen dungeon. You should really be more focused on building heroes to e5 or building 10 stars for imprints like I said the account is kinda all over with heroes and a lot of them can go. PvE(BS and FS): I would personally just run a damage build transmo/rogan/HW/drake/bel/6 star deathsworn with Phoenix, alternative if you have wolf done and want to use delacium/nakia/drake/hw/bel/amen or something either way you should crush that content very easily. As for void gate/vortex probably something like Carrie/transmo/rogan/amen/tix/ignis if ignis isn’t working out could go for a AMB Russell or something in the last spot.

TLDR: finish sl20s with imprints if any aren’t done you can use the search function just type sl20 abyss for example and try to mimic the clears with v4 imprints it should be easy you have the heroes for all of them(I’m hoping your done with most of them already), push death 100 with tix/Russ/lock/Aida/transmo. Stop building 7-9 star dark/light heroes, work on finishing good heroes or build food a lot of your heroes just don’t have purpose especially unfinished at e3-e1(HW/drake/Kroos are fine there for support) I would finish drake for sure for ark boss and maybe elyvia as well since you have tons of food if your do some regression.

I apologize if I came off harsh with my first few sentences but based on the account your really into the game which is a good thing, keep asking questions and using things like Reddit and discord communities to help grow your account.

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