[Help and Question Thread - November 15, 2020] What a hella helpless senpai. Don't worry, BB-chan will help you find the answer you need!

It is unfair in direct Class Advantage or Class Advantage Triangle situations. Berserkers excel primarily in multi-class nodes, [[?]] situations, and Ruler battles.

So another way of looking at them is: everyone has Class Adv. against Berserkers (remember, this was set up before Foreigners were a thing so that was necessary), but near every class only has 1-2 types of Classes they excel at. Berserkers are more like wilder Alter-Egos and an extreme version of Avengers.

Berserkers, along with what everyone else has pointed out about higher base ATK stats and modifiers, also boast the most Buster cards in their deck. So while they only get a 50% Class multiplier, they're true (numerical) damage output is usually higher.

Berserkers tend to be well-designed and common, too. So they're easy plug-ins to a weak spot in a Master's roster.

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