Help! Relationship difficulties (23 years old newlyweds)

Well, I'm gonna have to look into "Agent Smith" and see what I can do about that. But really, all that does for me helps me get along with people who prefer simpler to understand language, which is usually people who don't appreciate language as much as I do— or the younger crowd. That, in part, is why I married my wife. She has 2 degrees, is very "smart" to the point those around her seem to think she sounds pretentious when, in fact, they just are not on her level. It may have rubbed off on me if anything.

As for why I got married, I think the answer to the question is rather obvious. I married her, because like most people I was and continue to be in love with her. She's a great person overall, but sometimes, out of nowhere, with no explanation at all, she responds with things that are just very "out of place," according to my perception and as shown above.

I'm talking from yelling at Baristas at Starbucks to getting infuriated at customer service representatives at the return/exchange center at Walmart. Out of the blue! She's said she thinks she has bipolar disorder, but am I supposed to live as though I am with a person who cannot make the choice to be nice? I told her we can look into this together, and when I asked to get her medical records transferred over to a center for psychology to get her she/we need, she refused and said that I have no right to her "personal information!!"

Should I keep trying?

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