Help Stop a Bully Using Base 10. My son is being bullied at school and was recently sent a note by his bully that is encoded in base10. Can someone help me decrypt it so I know what he is being told? Folded part of note has upward pointing arrow and the text “MD5”

Sorry for the spoiler, wasn't sure if this counted so I'm just covering my ass XD

>!What immediately caught my attention was the MD5 comment you made. That's not a code, a cipher, or even an encryption -- it's a hash function, which isn't even decipherable. The end result doesn't even hold 100% of it's initial information like a normal cipher does.!<

>!My guess is that the bully saw the word, "cryptographic" on google, tried to be smart, and ended up falling short because he/she didn't know what they were doing.!<

>!You can't DEcipher something that isn't even a cipher...!<

>!As for the Base10, I don't know much about that so I won't be able to help there. But I can strongly say from what I know about MD5 that it's very likely idiotic jargon as well.!<

>!You can't expect too much from a child, but this is just sad...!<

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