Help Thread - Got a problem? Ask here! (November 24, 2020)

Hi. Im 23 and just started saving for my EF last October 2020. My goal is 50k and accdg to my mobile banking i can reach that by Oct 2021.

I have vices (smoking 1 pack/2 days and vape if i have no choice). Just wondering if anyone here is in the same situation but still managed to save. I keep thinking whenever i finish 1 pack "welp there goes more than 1 hr of my earning" but still find myself running to the nearest convenience store to buy another pack.

I provide for my 2 sisters in college. At the moment i am practicing 30% savings - 30% remittance - 40% expenses (including rent, bills, groceries, and vices). I dont spend alot for myself so this is the only thing i consider a "want".

Just need your honest opinion on whether or not i can save while i have vices.

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