Help w/ Preppy Basics (long)

I don't own any hats but I dont think they fit the wardrobe. I may get a Polo baseball cap for summer

A polo baseball cap is fine, but personally I'd pick up an Ebbet's Field Flannel.

Sunglasses- I have Rayban Wayfarers and may get some Clubmasters in the future. I see some people wearing Costas and fishing/sports glasses but personally I'm not a fan. Also, thoughts on croakies? I think I'm going to pass on them.

I'd pass on the croakies. They're a southern prep thing and they're more utilitarian than anything. I'd pass on them unless you need them for something or you decide that you want a pair.

Outerwear- I have a Barbour Ashby (shoutout to M. Dumas) that I love and honestly can't think of anything else I want, maybe this[3] . Raincoat wise I'm getting Penfield pretty soon.

All you really need is your Ashby and a rain coat, and maybe a topcoat for more formal occasions.

I'm not sure how I feel about that J. Crew jacket you linked. I'd opt for a Barbour Chelsea instead.


The quarter-zip you have is nice, it's definitely worth keeping.

That being said, you can pick up the other sweaters you want at really any preppy, trad or ivy store. For basic sweaters, I'd pick up a shaggy dog, a fair isle, a norwegian and some regular cotton or wool v-necks and crew necks. I'd check Woolovers for an aran sweater as well.

I want to get some basic color crewnecks but I'm not sure what colors to go for, thoughts?

I'd go with a white/cream, yellow, blue/navy, red and yellow.

Where I'm struggling and need help is with the pastels/non oxfords. What is the best material for a pastel/colorful button-down besides oxford?

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