[Help] What is the best farm dog for a small farm herding chickens, sheep, and small cows for the first time owners?

“we want a dog but we also have these animals that if a dog could learn to herd it would be nice” We agree since we have no experience owning a dog before. When you aren’t working with the dog, where will it stay? Inside the house or outside depending on the weather for most of the day. At night, the dog will be sleeping inside the house. We are going to be outside working on the farm.

You mention you have this large, mostly unfenced property. Do you have a fenced space for the dog? We own land and fencing for the other animals. Fencing around the parameter of the land will be something in the future.

Are you expecting it to just stick around without barriers? We have fencing for other animals where the dog can work without wondering outside the property. It would be nice for the dog to explore the property and return home.

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