[Help] Windows 10 doesn't shut down properly after update

Windows has a special shutdown mode that saves a copy of everything that’s in the system’s RAM to the hard drive, then uses that stored information to re-create the same exact state the system was in the next time you turn on your computer.

This special mode is called Hibernation, and if you select it instead of clicking Shutdown the next time you power down your PC you’ll be able to pick up right where you left off when you start it back up. Whether you plan to power your computer back up tomorrow or next month, the result will be the same. As soon as it boots back up into Windows the same programs and websites you were using last time will be open and waiting for you to resume your previous tasks.

So make sure whether you are selecting Hibernate from the Shutdown menu or shutdown computer.

There is an option to enable or disable hibernate. Here are steps to be followed.

1 – Right-click the Start button to display the Power Users Menu.

2 – Click Power Options.

3 – Click Choose what the power buttons do.

4 – Click Change settings that are currently unavailable.

5 – Scroll down to the Shutdown settings section and check the box beside Hibernate or disable.

6 – Click Save changes.

For internet browser issue, open network and sharing center, at the left bottom open internet options, change startup to start with home page. (Or)

Click the 3 dots at the very right( more actions )

Click Settings

Scroll down to Start With

Choose how you want to start Edge.

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