Help with getting into kdramas? Tried out a bunch & can't find one I enjoy bc of story pacing issues

Seconding Strangers from hell. If you've read the book metamorphosis, you'll see lot of similarities/ connections. I had the same problem!! I liked extracurricular but idk, I dont think it's the best. I couldn't get past one epi of strong woman too silly, nothing new. I had zero intention of even starting love alarm. Only difference is I watched arthdal S1 and I seemed to like it. My recs : Psychological : White Christmas. " Are monsters born or are they made" if this sounds interesting, only then proceed. If you dont like this, then this drama is not for you. My top rec : my dear friends. Really heartwarming. I loved Mr.sunshine and children of nobody as well. If you watch any of these tell me if you like them or not. I'd love to hear your opinion.

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