Help with a house!(crosspost)

I think you're probably going to have a hard time getting it through -- you guys have an understandably frustrating situation, so the distilled down version of what you've got is concrete footers and a lot of confusion on what to do next because it's so overwhelming.

I think it's going to be tough to get much real, solid reading/watching advice because it's such a wide range of knowledge to try and help you with. The most people generally tackle on their own is shed building because it's not a lot to fall on your face, and there's a whole team of knowledge and people that goes into building a house.

The best thing to do would be to hit your library and just flip through/get some general ideas on construction and home building, specifically pier and beam construction, and start watching a lot of YouTube videos because there are tons of them for every phase of the construction process. Then come back and start asking about the point in the process you're in.

Right now that's planning -- if you need some help figuring out who to talk to on that part, it's probably a good question to ask over at /r/diy if you can get specific with it. But your best, first place to start would be a local architect or home builder that specializes in low income housing. They'll also be able to help you sort through the weeds on budget if you sweet talk them.

/r/diy is really only super helpful when you get specific or have obvious information overload. Sort of the difference between "I want to build a foundation, where do I start?" and "We've decided on a pier and beam foundation, questions inside -- we're not sure if we should get the 8" beams, or we can get away with something smaller. Also, we've got a dry soil with a high frost line - will we be OK using some pre-poured concrete pyramids or do we need to bury some concrete forms?" Like -- if you come in having spent a bunch of time on Google looking at all of your options, and have a bunch of functional information vomit they'll be able to help you sort through it all.

Hopefully that made some sense! Hope it helped!

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