Help with my 1972 Dodge Challenger

Schematic of 1970s Chrysler electronic ignition module itself:

I can't find values or part numbers for the individual parts. The component labeled "PUT" is not an SCR but a Programmable Unijunction Transistor. These ignitions were in a box on the firewall with a big transistor on the outside. The pickup in the distributor was a reluctor, which was a permanent magnet with a coil located slightly next to it. The permanent magnet magnetized a rotating piece of ferrite so the small coil would get pulses from spikes molded into the ferrite, 1 spike per cylinder. The gap between the spikes had to be really narrow and required a feeler gauge that wasn't magnetic (why feeler gauge sets started to come with brass shims). My 1986 Corolla has the same kind of pickup. The industry later switched to Hall effect sensors because the gap wasnt as critical with them.

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