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Work as a manager in a convenience store and was covering another store, young good looking Irish bloke comes in and tries to buy a can of Red Bull, some Cig papers and a lighter with £50 note, colleague ID'S the guy and he's like "it's on my phone I'll get it up for you!". I overhear and kinda watch to see what's going on, he's giving the young girl the sweet talk and she's fairly inexperienced as she's new at the job but she's not having fucking any of it and declines him for the sale, he picks up some sweets and tries to pay for them with an Irish £50, as if he double duping her.

I finally walk over and check the £50, obviously it's a fake, guy gets super offended and accuses us of being bias because he's Irish and his money is legal tender, eventually I snap and tell him that by coming into the store he's invited into the private property and that I'm removing that invitation and he needs to leave (our area manager told us this trick).

Little bit more kick off from him until young white girl finds her voice and berates him for his behaviour and tells him he's a disgrace to their generation, he leaves with tail between his legs.

Moral of the story - don't use fake £50s, don't draw attention to yourself and don't throw down with a young woman thinking she's easy prey.

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