Helping a specific variety of hun


Find your own purpose by helping those around you better understand theirs.

I know we're only talking about cashew chicken here, so I'm starting to sound like a douche, but she just seemed happy in those few hours.

The amount of personality the AlwaysBeSelling mentality just erases is pretty astounding.

First time she cooked and bullshited with us, set the table, plated everything nicely, made and extra tray to freeze. Even brought some candles. We talked a little about catering as she was leaving.

subtly mentioned it. You're so right about that. People think they can fix everything by telling the absolute truth and backing it with stark proof- tone and emotion be damned. I certainly can't argue with the logic, but having someone verbally bulldoze your entire life can be tough to process for people.

It's just more proof that good people get caught up in really weird shit, and that we don't look out for one another enough.


Edit: While I'm here, my apologies for the flairless post. I'm on alien blue and couldn't find it after posting.

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