Helvéczia, the new Gabor Lux game, is out

Schopenhauer once threw an old lady down a flight of stairs, and had to pay her a monthly pension for life as damages. When she died, he wrote on his diary "obit anus, abit onus": The old woman dies, a burden is lifted. I still study his philosophy.

John Lennon was a wife beater. I still listen to the Beatles.

Schroedinger liked to rape young teens he was a private tutor for and get them pregnant. I still use Schroedinger's equation when working on Quantum Mechanics.

John Harvey Kellogg is indirectly responsible for the genital mutilation of millions of children in the USA. I still eat corn flakes.

Steve Jobs was a piece of shit, a promoter of pseudoscience, and he smelled awful. I still use Apple products.

Fischer was an antisemite. I still study his chess games.

Newton was a huge piece of shit. I still use Newton's laws of dynamics and gravitation.

Einstein was borderline abusive to his wife and sons. I still use General and Special Relativity.

Gabor Lux once wrote some stupid shit in a comment on an RPG blog. I still think Castle Xyntillan is one of the best megadungeons ever published.

Who knows what skeletons u/Boundsoy has in his (or her) closet, and whether he's ever done anything good in his life.

Because guess what? Human beings are complex creatures.

We should all try to do some good in the world, instead of pointing fingers at others. Who knows?, maybe with the right combination of luck and talent, some of us will contribute something amazing that might partly redeem us for all the shit that we all do, in our brief and confusing time on this planet.

And no, casting the first stone does not count as a good deed, even though a certain internet culture would have you believe that.

Living in an ivory tower and building walls won't make you go very far in life, and will not do any good to humanity.

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