Henry Cavill will 'absolutely' do 7 seasons of The Witcher if Netflix will let him

All 7 seasons could be utterly trash by critic standards and I would still watch them... we dont have enough Adult Dark Fantasy shows... either way it would be stupid for Netflix to cancel the show even if viewership declined and failed to retain subs.

Cause over time it will gain a cult following, making the $$$ flow straight to their greedy hands. So might has well bleed $$$ till they tell the entire story otherwise risk losing even more subs.

Fucking show has a phenomenal cast and gets better with each episode, season 2 even fixed the nilfgaard armor so that shows they plan to make each season better than the last.

Witcher is the only reason they got my sub they cant justify their content or library for a 17.99 month 4k plan but Witcher I would pay 40 bucks a month. Without that series they would never get my money I get tons of 4k content cheaper and larger libraries.

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