Here we go again... "Adam Schefter on Twitter: Like Patriots’ QB Tom Brady, TE Rob Gronkowski will not attend the start of New England’s off-season program Monday, per source..."

The ongoing fixation on Malcolm Butler and SB52 could undo this team. A certain group of offensive players have created a mutual-admiration bubble that is undermining the coach's authority. As we saw in Seattle after SB 49, it's not going to yield a functional football team if a core group of players on one side of the ball don't trust their coach.

Bill knows it. Those of us puzzling over why Amendola will be wearing teal and orange this year should only read his recent comments on the situation. Bill knew one of those players had to go, to weaken that united front around Brady. Let's hope the players get it by the time camps starts, because next season is coming, and what happens in Sept is not going to be pretty if the players are still fixed on February.

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