Here is America’s favorite traitorous know-it-all acting like the clueless nitwit he is...

For someone who bemoans revisionist history, you shouldn’t have proven yourself to be one if it’s poster children. That rebuttal had to be one of the most tragic examples of confirmation bias I have encountered on this subject. That historical cherry-picking exercise was truly tragic.

The difference between us is that I do not hesitate to put historical facts on the table which scores of ideologues go to great lengths to hide. At NO point have I denied that Southern racists exist. Instead, I’ve merely exposed Northern racists who attempt to whitewash their own reprehensible history of racism and human exploitation, a history which is as bad today as it was leading up to the Civil War. Bear in mind that it is largely Northeastern based corporate interest groups and robber barons who exploit most of the planet’s population these days, not the imaginary “Confederate boogeymen” some love to roll out in these debates.

That being said, if you are a Russian, Chinese or other foreign troll intent on sowing dissent in the U.S. through social media, go fuck yourself.

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