Here are the people with mental problems.

I hate to play the ACKSHULLY game, there are other countries where wearing masks IS part of the culture. For example, in Japan, if you get a cold, you're expected to wear a mask when you go out and meet people while sick so you aren't making people sick. COVID may be contagious, but it's pretty hard to tell you have it until it hits you. Colds on the other hand have lots of warning signals and when you're sick from the cold, you KNOW you're sick, so as a courtesy to your coworkers etc. if you want to live your life with the cold, society expects you to wear a mask.

But there is no government mandate to wear a mask - you just do it not to be an asshole, similar "reasoning" as enforcing mask use now, but there's no virtue signaling for it in their societies. You just wear one and it's temporary for the duration of the code, no fucking 2 week quarantine lockdown needed.

Japanese folks also wear masks if they're streaming and want to hide their identities - Japan has a weird stalker problem so IMO that's understandable.

But yeah... none of it required daddy government to force you to wear a mask. Go start a "wear a mask if you have a cold" movement, but stop getting the fucking government involved for this shit.

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