Here are the results so far of the Reddit NBA fan base map

People that dont follow basketball on the other hand probably have a Curry shirt

I think you HUGELY misunderstanding NBA's fame around the world. People that don't follow basketball have Curry's shirt? that's one of the craziest stuff i've read in reddit.

1) Basketball is not even close to Football (Soccer)'s popularity in non-USA world. Even Volleyball and Tennis have similar/higher fame-fanbase. By the amount of fans, Basketball might not be that low because there's China, but regarding overall international interest in NBA, you are way off.

2) Curry had one of the best seasons as a player in recent years, still he''s worlds behind LeBron and Kobe as sports icons. He lacks personality so much that even his daughter got more attention during those days (not taking anything from him, great player, but it's just how it is).

It's not THAT rare to see some non-basketball fans to have a Lakers/Bulls shirt (specially girls who want to look fashion), i see 2-3 a year in my city or when travelling , but still it's just a fashion thing, and because Jordan-Kobe are quite known. Curry? sorry but not even close, there are 7 billion people in the world and i doubt even 10 of them have a Curry shirt while not being a Basketball fan.

(sorry if sounds rude, not my intention, just wanted to give you a foreign perspective. Some americans think that all they do is copied/saw/liked aruond the world, and it's not, NBAs (and NFL's too) foreign fanbase is growing by the time but it's still very low, almost inexistent if we compare as % to the overall population.

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