Here are some of my best (and maybe "under the radar") tips for building a better emotional connection.

THIS. Call me, text me, talk to me about things that you think, feel, experience throughout the week. Dont just recap the highlights when you see me.

When my partner and I first started dating, we had phenomenal conversations and I felt so close to him when we were together. Over a period of four or five months, though, he stopped being that way and it confused me, left me feeling hurt, disconnected, and as if he wasnt that interested in me anymore. I let it go, thought it was related to stress between school and work. We both had a bunch going on...but around the 6 month mark, I had to have a serious conversation with him about how disconnected I felt from him and how we lacked a huge level of communication and emotional intimacy and it was deeply beginning to affect me and how I felt in our relationship.

Since having that conversation, he and I have gotten a lot closer. I know its tricky for him, he was raised to keep things bottled up and he had been hurt very badly in a past relationship. Its getting better and its because we implement most of these suggestions.

We still text more than we talk on the phone, but I'm okay with that at the moment.

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