Here it is boys. My Analysis of this years show.

I agree with a lot of this. My biggest disappointment has been the defense though and what I perceive as mismanagement of the younger guys by DW. I Don't know why Tennyson has not been playing more or even Fedun for that matter. I would have liked to see Mueller spend a little more time in the AHL and Tennyson more time in SJ. Also I think Burns needs to be back at forward next season. His reckless abandon does not serve him or the team well on defense. With him back at forward two holes can be filled I think; one we can move another young defense man up and get him some quality playing time. Second we make our top six forward group one of the most dangerous in the league again. One thing I noticed different from last year was you never had the feeling that our top six was very dangerous; able to score and good going the other way yes but at no point could I look at the top two forward lines and think they had the goal scoring prowess of years past. This isn't just a Burns issue; Marleau couldn't score this year and Nieto and Herlt had sophomore slumps so hopefully that will fix it self in a sense next year. That being said I think we should move Nieto; IMO he doesn't have the size or hands to be the player we want him too and I think we could trade him for some worth while draft picks for this years draft but that could be a pipe dream of course. The goalie I'm indifferent towards. Yeah he let in a bunch of soft ones and was never very consistent but my personal philosophy towards hockey centers around solid defensive play by the D-men and the forwards. The goalie will do his job well if the forwards and defense plays solid in the neutral zone and D-zone and that was seriously lacking this season; too many turnovers!!!! I would look into finding a new goalie but I doubt a good one will come about through FA or trade and Stalock is not a starter and he will never be one IMHO. sorry. TMAc needs to stay and if they are smart they will keep him. I know DW will be back; even with the heat coming his way I think he still has it and could make the right moves this season in order for us to bounce back. But please for the love of Stanley bring Burns back to forward, give more playing time to the young defense men and move Nieto for some draft picks. This years draft is gold mine and we will be royally screwed if we don't get a few guys out of it. Thanks!! Go Sharks!!!! FUCK LA; YES THEY DESERVE TO DIE AND I HOPE THEY BURN IN HELL!!!

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