Here is the "one index card with all the financial advice you'll ever need" by Kevin Pollack

Well it isn't feasible at 50k, I can tell you that.

I guess you just need an extra $5k because I can tell you that you can. Here's how you do it though I realize it might be too late for you once you consider my situation:

  • I went to a public college for 4 years and I worked full time 2 of those years. I mostly lived in college, I went there at 8am and stayed till 10pm for the last two years (school and worked on campus). This allowed me to only have $10k in student loans when I graduated since the full-time job really helped. I was also living with my parents and never going out. Yep, things you have to do but I helped around the house on weekends so they thankfully didn't charge rent (like some parents).
  • after graduation, I couldn't find a real job for almost two years but I immediately went into a computer store to have a way to pay my bills. I also found a few tech contracts which kept me afloat.
  • I finally landed a real job which paid $55k. I moved into a real apartment, paying $1100/mo in rent.
  • I saved everything and lived without any real luxuries. I had no car (3-hour daily commute), never went out (didn't even date), I had a 22" TV, a crappy computer, dial-up Internet (NetZero!), no cell, no cable, and my only splurge was going to the movies - by myself - once a month and $100 on DVDs on Black Friday.
  • I paid for everything in cash but then I decided to expand my credit and I simply paid off the card in full each month. I shoved every penny to immediately pay off my student loans.

I lived like that for years and I saved a third of my post-tax salary for years. It allowed me to buy a condo and go from there.

Although I loosened up the savings and I now have more of a life (i.e. expenses), you can indeed live like that. Problem is - what you going to sacrifice for it?

People complain that they have no money but yet they go out, buy clothes more than once a year, buy expensive clothes (I never paid more than $30 for sneakers), don't use coupons, have a cell phone with a data plan, buy games, have cable, high speed Internet, and various other things that all cost money.

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