Here’s an article on why the leaks aren’t completely true

What you posted: "Here's an article on why the leaks aren't completely true."

What their headline actually is: "Why the Rise of Skywalker Leaks are Wrong."

The first is at least sort of reasonable, although it's also pretty evident. Nobody who has actually leaked anything has said "They're all completely true" and in fact they frequently take care to mention that things can and do change, and they probably got stuff wrong aside from that.

But the second is just someone hitting their blog and hoping that headline is enough to draw enough eyes to get them some social media attention and validation. Because it's pretty obvious the leaks aren't "wrong." They're fairly right in a lot of ways.

But even if we were going with what YOU posted and not what the blog is actually trying to say - it's completely unneccessary because nobody sharing the leaks has said "They're completely true" and most people reading them are reading them with the understanding that they're not GOING to be completely true.

I used this example earlier today, but the entire screenplay to Joker leaked early and the movie was STILL significantly different in some notable ways. Of course the leaks aren't completely true. The way movies are made are going to ensure that.

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