Here’s The Deal With Destiny 2's Microtransactions

That's perfectly fine and understandable. But it also means that you can't really talk shit on the game and make it out like Warframe delivers what scratches the Destiny itch.

I think both games have entirely different focus points, even if you ignore the wildly different feeling gameplay. Destiny is much more about challenging bosses and more linear set piece experiences. Where as Warframe is like a third person shooter Dynasty Warriors and more about just farming waves regardless of modes, with the bosses being very lackluster.

If I wanted to raid/pvp or do challenging dungeons I would play Destiny. There really isn't an alternative to it for FPS games. Warframe scratches the sci-fi itch but its basically just a grindy slaughter fest with very few bits of actual challenging content, with nearly all it's levels being semi-procedual it gets old fast for me (though I always come back).

And at this stage I think ignoring games just because they have microtransactions in spites yourself more than companies these days. GTA, CSGO, GoW, Halo, Rainbow, Smite, Overwatch, any sports game, CoD, Battlefield, PubG... I could go on and on. Basically the only games I like that would be left to play if I allowed myself to get worried about microtransactions in paid games, are titles that are free and I can act like it's fine there because they are f2p.

The least of my concerns are PvE games that I'm only going to be playing with friends anyway >.<

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