Herman Rosenblat lied about the Holocaust. (1:09+)

Yup I get it they’re all just a cohencidences

Again... my main focus of discussion is getting Israel to do their part for the African and Muslim refugees. They are much closer to the regions affected by war, STDs, inbreeding and mass retardation and can help refugees

It’s not all bad either! They vote overwhelmingly for leftist policies and expansion of the state power and the welfare state! Hopefully the Jewish people will experience cultural enrichment seen recently in Paris, London and Rome!

The birthrate is falling for some Jewish women. Israel needs to import more people or else they will die. From my calculations, Israel needs to take in 10,000,000 African immigrants or they will die. These people will also do the jobs Jewish men don’t want to do. They will work on the farms and you will benefit from cheap hummus.

Please, write your local synagogue and implore them to ask the Israeli government to do their part and accept unlimited refugees immediately.

While you’re at it tell them that Israel is a world power and no longer needs the $3,000,000,000 in annual aid from the United States taxpayers.

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