Is Hero/Mask any good?

It stay pretty bad, James "Blood" (could it be anymore obvious) is the protaganist and it has all the jump cuts, drama and car chases of a cheesy 80s cop B-movie without any of the somewhat interesting dialogue.

They try to jam all those cliches from them movies into the first 12 episodes (I dropped it) like "You're getting too involved I'm pulling you off the case", a snitch in the back seat of a car in a parking garage, a death and a funeral, soldiers for hire, jumping from outside a window firing a gun, private meetings in restuarants, a government whistleblower, research taking a turn for the worse, a jail escape, high speed chases where everyone is shooting but no one can aim are all present, add a convoluted predictable plot with boring dialogue to the mix and that's Hero Mask.

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