Heros save a 68 year old man from two vicious pitbulls.

Yeah… I’m so mixed about the pitbull deal. Ive owned 2,and in my life ive had 5 dogs I’ve raised from puppies (currently still have 3) and my pitbull boy was just always -off- When I was pregnant he stopped me at the end of the hall growling and clearly in I’m Gonna fuck you Up mode. Called my husband out, and my pup came right up to me with kisses. Fast forward to babies, he hated them. Growled at my first constantly. So the conversation started about rehoming him. Non of my other dogs (including another pit) did that! Longer down the road, in about an 8 month period, he got out of my yard, killed a chicken. Then we moved, had a little dog next door that would harass us. Come to our yard and chase my kids with barking, pissed on all our shit, and barked at my boy while he would watch out a window. One unfortunate day, my boy had enough and jumped right through the screen window down about 7feet and chased that little dog. Crushed his insides with one chomp. I chased after him and when I got him away from the little guy, there was No blood. He literally crushed him. Then! A cat, strolling across our fence, he jumped up on the fence, cat lost his balance and he tore the cat up. I was fucking beside myself what to do. I had this massive killing machine that now loved it and was also not safe around my kids. As much hate as I’ll get for this, we chose to put him down.. I was so scared we would rehome him to the wrong house, either a family with a Go Getter attitude thinking they can help him and he attacked a kid- or a piece of shit that would use him to kill. So people can say it’s the owner, but I’m a damn good dog owner and ive never experienced a dog that had a “tick”Like Bill did. Pitbulls are starting to become over bred I think.. I believe my boy was the product of incest. It’s fucked up. They are such good dogs when they are good dogs- but the power behind them when they aren’t is what the problem is..

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