Hex mags any good?

This reminds me I should do some gear reviews.

The story is a little up and down but the end result is that I'm happy with them... I picked up two of the FDE ones for $8 each at a local gun shop. I guess they were having trouble selling them. Fired about 100 rounds through them with no issues. Fed without issue, dropped free, inserted and locked smoothly. The texture is a little smooth but I had no issues inserting the mags firmly.

After the range trip I took them home and loaded them up. As I was moving things around I dropped a fully loaded mag from about 2 feet on the spine. It promptly split open down the spine and kicked a few rounds out. The mag still seemed to hold about 20 rounds but anything more and they'd all come spilling out. Annoying but not entirely shocking. A fully loaded drop on the spine spells death for most plastic mags.

I contacted hexmag with the story and pictures as they advertise a lifetime warranty. My first email went unanswered. Second email a week later was promptly replied to with apologies for the delay explaining the entire staff was in Vegas at SHOT show. They were out of the FDE and asked if I would take a two black mags now and a FDE when they came back in stock. Uhhh... YEAH.

About a week later a package shows up with the two black mags along with a handwritten note and business card. A month after that I also received the FDE mag. I mention the delay in email response only because I think it played into why I got 3 replacement mags for my 1 damaged one. I wouldn't expect that again. Since then I've shot another 300 or so rounds through the mags with zero issues.

So, what do I think of them? Every company has things break. I've broken Glocks, Trijicons, EOTechs, you name it I've either broken it myself or seen someone else break it. What concerns me more than a product failing is how the company responds. In this case Hexmag was great. Even with being tied up at the biggest gun show of the year they managed to get me replacements and then some. I wouldn't take these into (an imaginary) battle just yet as they need some more proving. But if we're all being honest with ourselves and what we do with our guns (putting holes in paper) I've got no issue buying a dozen of these mags for the range. If one breaks again, which I don't think is very likely, I know the company will stand behind their warranty.

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