Hey I am desperate for advice for Uni

What is your "sensitive subject" with the professor, and why does the subject matter?

I. Religious Studies and I am talking it as an elective and I am literally graduating in a year from now and I don't want to fail this course , and I don't want this to cause any shifting of my graduation date , for the reason that I have planned personal stuff post-graduation that cannot be postponed any further.

Why is your professor upset with you?

That it seems that the person who wrote the paper accusing Christianity as fake followers, which I don't hold any accountability to anything written on this paper, I just needed to submit the paper , so I wrote the paper myself but with the help of others , because I was in a middle of a crisis moment o not knowing what I am actually sick of , and couldn't sleep for days because I was bedridden for a solid week prior to submitting the paper.

Does your university allow you to contest grades?

Have no clue.

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