Hey can I get an F in the chat for not thinking of making this joke before u/Flop_Ding . Heart abnormality gang rise up.

i understand why you think that but it isn’t, the only reason i posted this was because u/Flop_Ding made a similar post originally and i thought it would be funny to respond to it, since i found his post amusing and relatable. it’s difficult being diagnosed with a heart condition so making a joke from it is a good way to cope. i appreciate everyone’s nice comments but i really wasn’t expecting this to get so many upvotes, and if anything i feel a bit overwhelmed. i’m not too sure what you’re thinking i would gain out of this, nor am i sure what id be able to say or do to convince you i actually do have a heart condition lol. i can post my hospital letter if you’d like but i also think i shouldn’t have to reveal my documents in order for someone to believe me. if you think this is fake i’m sorry but i’m not sure what there is to be gained from me making this up.

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