Hey, Dan Patrick: Teachers are coming for you

The cheapest home daycare I found for a 0-2 yr old is $10,500 a year.

I also found a baller place where 50% of 0-4 yr olds are on sliding scale tuition discounted anywhere from 5% to 100% and the other 50% of kids are full tuition. We qualify for the smallest discount, so we're looking at close to $13,000 a year. I certainly don't begrudge those families getting the same education for less than me or free (I'm pretty much in the same boat at least for the foreseeable future), and I'm grateful there are families paying the full tuition to allow my family to qualify for even the slight discount. However, I can't help but think that if all the other families had vouchers, then this school would be able to increase enrollments for all income groups - high tide rises all boats in a way.

And, if I only have to pay $25K a year and my kid gets a helluva a good education from middle through high school I'm going to go ahead and say that's a helluva deal.

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